Welcome to the Mid-Cape Engineered Wood Project Center. All the information you need for your project is organized here. Product details, installation specs, videos, photo galleries, buying guides and more. We want to make it as easy as possible for you learn about the quality products we sell. After you spend some time learning about these products, give our experts a call or stop by and see for yourself how we can help you get your project done correctly and under budget.


Below are the engineered wood products we carry at Mid-Cape Home Centers.

Mid-Cape offers glued laminated timbers, floor and roof I-joists, laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and rimboards from Boise Cascade’s line of engineered wood products. Boise Cascade provides premium-quality, high-performance engineered wood products that are competitively priced.

The 2.0E Doug Fir CP-Lam is an LVL that provides consistency and quality in the same product. Coastal Pro Studs are engineered to reduce twisting, warping and splitting.

Extira™ Treated Panel is a treated wood composite that, unlike MDF and wood, resists rot, termites and moisture and performs in exterior environments. Extira is easy to work with; can be carved, routed and machined. Extira can be used in many interior or exterior non-structural applications.

Mid-cape offers Georgia-Pacific’s line of engineered wood products, such as decorative wall paneling, I-joists, rimboard, G-P Laminated LVL, high quality pine plywood and several softboard products.

Hood Plywood is made from sturdy Southern Yellow Pine and is available in a variety of grades, thicknesses and finishes to meet your particular needs. Hood Plywood offers sanded plywood, underlayment, plywood sheathing, structural panels, siding and beaded board siding.

Louisiana-Pacific I-Joists are known for their value when it comes to size, strength, and reliability. SolidStart LSL installs like traditional lumber, but is straighter, stronger, and can handle longer spans. SolidStart® LVL surpasses traditional lumber for dimensional consistency and load-carrying capacity.

Maibec’s production encompasses a wide variety of items, including boards, dimension lumber and specialties such as long-span rough 2 x 9 and 2 x 10. The company also stands among the first engineered wood producers in Eastern Canada, that is, machine stress rated lumber (MSR) used for roof truss manufacturing and beams.

Solarbord and Trubord roof sheathing from Norbord add value to a home and provide energy savings to the homeowner. Norbord manufacturers a number of options for subfloors & stairs, including Pinnacle, TruFlor, PointSIX, Durastrand, Stabledge, Rimboard, and SteadiTred. Wall sheathing options from Norbord include TallWall, Windstorm, and Trubord.

Roseburg offers you one stop shopping for all your decorative panel needs. The Roseburg Framing System® consists of: RFPI® Joists used in floor and roof construction; RigidLam® LVL which is used for headers, beams, studs and columns; and RigidRim® Rimboard.

Sherwood Lumber’s got you covered for all of your engineered wood needs. Glulam, I-Joist, LVL, Rimboard, whatever you need for your construction project.

West Fraser plywood outperforms all substitute wood-based panels on the market today. A highly stable panel, even when exposed to moisture or high humidity, it is up to seven times more resistant to thickness swell than substitute wood-based panels. MDF products are ideally suited for heavy machining, laminating, lacquering, powder coating and painting applications. All panel products are manufactured from high quality Northern whitewood species (Spruce-Pine and Alpine fir).

Weyerhaeuser engineered wood products provide predictable strength and consistency that allows you to build structures with superior workmanship. Weyerhaeuser manufactures TJI Joists, TimberStrand laminated strand lumber (LSL), Parallam PSL and Microllam LVL.


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